An open-source, on-premises bot framework that saves thousands of developers thousands of hours.


Assemble your bot from our collection of specialized, open-source modules that do one thing very well.


We chose an open-source, dual-license, free-to-most-users approach to boost transparency and collaboration.


You shouldn’t have to choose between CLI or GUI. Every feature is available as an API and as a rich graphical interface.


React. Webpack. ES7. We use modern tools you already use and like, but we like to keep things simple.


Botpress ships with a powerful CLI tool that allows you to create a bot in under a few seconds.


You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Leverage the hard work of hundreds of developers with a single line of code.


There's no magic, your bot is just a regular node application. Developers feel right at home and have limitless control.

"If you ask me what's your certainty that chat is going to be the next once in a decade platform, I would say 99%. I am completely convinced that chat is going to be the next big platform."

Ted Livingston, Kik CEO



We are passionate about building the world’s best bots. There are many ingredients for building a great chatbot, but we have a very strong view that great chatbots can only be developed on a great framework.

With this in mind we carefully considered what the ultimate enterprise bot development framework would look like and then built it. Although we have tried to make it as easy as possible to use, it has not been built for part-time chatbot developers or for building very simple, one off scripted chatbots.


Different tools work well for different jobs. We love the simplicity of tools like Chatfuel, but simplicity should not limit your technical ambitions. Tools like the Microsoft Bot Platform are great, but creating and managing bots should not be reserved only for skilled developers.

Intuitive graphical interface
Community modules
Bot templates
Rapid development
Automated testing

We created the tool we wished existed

An enterprise-grade tool for developing, deploying, managing and scaling your bots. Simple & intuitive, but as flexible as a bot made from scratch. Cloud-ready, also available to install locally.

Professional tool

Rather it’s a framework that has been built with professional chatbot developers (including content teams) in mind. Our target customers are agencies and start-ups who need to be able to build great bots with limited resources.

In our minds a great framework is a framework that gives the developers maximum control over the bot functionality and at the same time makes it easy to add all the common and infrastructure features. This allows for all the development effort to be spent on the customer experience. Resources are always limited so the framework needs to allow developers to create a great bot within the constraints of time and money.


In our minds there is a deep relationship between the quality of the bot and the quality of the framework that it was built on.

Yes, it’s possible to build a chatbot that works for all the major chat platforms in a few minutes. There are many self-service “no code” platforms that do a great job of making it easy to build a bot in five minutes through a visual interface without using any code.


The difference between Botpress and the other frameworks is in its architecture and its philosophy. Architecture-wise Botpress is the only modular framework.
This means that anyone from the Botpress team or a member of the community can add any functionality to the framework that they require. This allows the framework to quickly be able to offer a broad range of bot functionality off the shelf.

Great bots

It’s possible to argue that a great bot is a bot that is fit for purpose even if that purpose is to be a very simplistic, scripted bot and there may be merit to this argument. Our definition of a great bot is different.

A great bot to us is a bot that provides the customer with the best possible experience in getting the job that they need to do done. It must make the best use of all the features available to it in the channel in question, including graphical and AI features.

In short, the experience at a minimum must be superior to the experience of using a website, app or another mechanism to achieve the same outcome. Ideally the experience is so good that it creates growth through referrals and increased transactions.

And when we say experience, we mean the full experience, including the aesthetics and personalization, the experience of having to switch applications to do different tasks, the experience of having to sign up for a website or download and app. One of the big advantages of a bot for example is that it can remove friction by allowing many operations to take place in the place where the user is already communicating, in the messaging app itself.

In short a great bot is a great software product. No great software product was ever created without code in just a few minutes by amateurs.


We want to make it as convenient as possible for you to choose Botpress for your next bot. We feel pricing shouldn’t be an issue for you or anyone that’s why we created a pricing framework that makes sense for start-ups as well as enterprises.


For start-ups, hobbyists and companies who are in the process of developing a bot strategy


For agencies and businesses who need enterprise grade security, performance and control.


Developing software using code is the central activity in software development and it is no different for chatbots. Not only does developing bots using code offer the developers unlimited flexibility, it also allows developers to make use of the myriad of software development tools that are available for creating and managing code. That’s not to say that visual tools are not necessary in the process of coding, of course they are and many visual tools are essential for making the process of coding efficient.

Building a chatbot using code has many advantages over using visual tools including allowing for professional source code control and reuse of functionality. It is impossible to source control graphical interface based no code tools because there are no source control concepts such as forking or pull requests built into these tools. Moreover, reuse of functionality is difficult between bots on these platforms because copy and paste operations don’t necessarily work.

Other frameworks

There are of course frameworks including the Microsoft Bot Framework that allow developers to build sophisticated bots through code. Could great bots not be built on these frameworks as well as on Botpress?

In theory, yes, they could be, with unlimited resources. Microsoft Bot Framework has many nice features which is why we integrate with it. But in our minds a great bot framework is needs much more than the Microsoft Bot Framework offers.

What do the main frameworks offer?

A bot development framework should offer connectors to various chat platforms and the main frameworks do offer this. A framework should also offer some sort of conversation flow manager, some analytics and some access to NLP engines. Again the main frameworks offer this.

What is missing from the main frameworks, and what we have built at Botpress, are features such as content management decoupled from flow (which we will explain), multiple NLU solutions, marketing tools such as tagged market segmentation and A/B testing, analytics and human in the loop (allowing human agents to take over the bot or drop in on the conversation) and beyond that the capability to easily build more components for bots and thereby create a growing pool of common features that are available to developers.


Botpress is not competing with other tools. It's a modular platform that integrates with other popular tools and frameworks easily.


For example, it is possible for developers to use the analytics module offered by Botpress or analytics modules that have been created by third parties on the platform. Not only are developers are not locked-in to the Botpress module, they are free to create their own analytics module or add custom analytics to the modules that they are using off the shelf.

And this is what we mean by philosophy. We believe that this type of open / shared solution is necessary and is the normal way that software development for any new technology ultimately progresses as the market matures. CMSs developed for Websites so that developers did not have to code the website from scratch but still had total control over the design process. Botpress is the equivalent of what a CMS is for a website.

An added advantage of this philosophy in the chatbot space is that any key off the shelf feature can be changed by the developer. Even the connectors are open to developers to adapt to the underlying chat platforms if needs be. We see this openness and modular approach as a part of our overall philosophy providing the tools needed to create the world's best chatbots.

In part this means taking advantage of best practices and tools that are already well established in software development. Chatbot development of course presents some unique challenges but these challenges can be solved within the existing software solutions.


One of the most obvious challenges for chatbot development is how to deal with the creation and management of content and flow both in terms of rule-based chatbots and NLP based chatbots. The flow is the rules that determine the path of the conversation whereas the content is the words and other media that is displayed to the user.

To build a professional solution for developing chatbots it is best practice to separate the content and flow so that they can be managed by different teams. Beyond the pure content and flow separation, another problem is that the content needs to be slightly different on each chat platform to take advantage of the best features of each platform. The best chatbots will obviously need to make the best use of the features available on every platform.

We solved this problem by inventing Universal Message Markdown (UMM) which allows content manager to not only manage their content in a professional, transparent and source controlled way, but also allows them to easily customize their content for different messaging platforms, A/B testing, and languages.

Not only did we create UMM to be a simple to use as possible, we also created the visual tools to assist content managers in creating and editing UMM. This allows them to see a visual representation of what they are writing in text in real time and further simplies the process of creating great chatbots. UMM is just one example. At Botpress we are constantly adding new features to the framework. These features are chosen because we believe they will make it easier for professional chatbot developers and content managers to create the world’s best chatbots.


Botpress is on a mission to give people the tools they need to pioneer the conversational revolution. It can’t happen without your help. We’re stronger together. Join the revolution.

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