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Frequently asked questions and answers based on your business. Add different phrases (examples of how users can ask a specific question) for each FAQ item.

10 FAQ Bundle
$250 per bundle
Augmentating FAQ?
We can help to augment your questions by providing additional phrases, up to 20 phrases
$250 per bundle

Use Cases

Use cases are the different tasks you want your bot to help a user with, for example: checking status, guiding a user through steps to complete a booking.

Use Case?
Up to 10 user interactions
$750 per use case
Augmentating Use Case?
When you want your bot to identify an intent (understand what the user is saying when entering free text) you need to provide example phrases.

We can help to augment your use case by providing adittional phrases, up to 20 phrases.
$125 per use case
Use Case Design?
We can help to design your Use Case - the flow logic and the messages the bot will show.
$500 per use case


Be were your users are. Instantly deliver your bot on all the major messaging channels. We can also build connectors to any other channels.

Supported Popular channels: $500 per channel
Unsupported Popular Channels
$2,500 per channel
Proprietary Channel (Mobile App, etc.)
$3,000 per channel


Be available for your users in the language they are comfortable with by making your bot multi-lingual. We have a number of supported languages ready to use and the rest we can add in a short time.

Supported languages: $500 per language
Unsupported Languages
Translating FAQs (per bundle)
Translating Use Cases (per use case)


Integrate your bot with your systems to provide users with the best experience by creating a single chat interface connecting multiple systems.

API Calls to External Systems
$1,000 per API call
2-way website integration?
Your bot and your website can seamlesly communicate with each other, for example direct a user to a spcific webpage by opening the webpage
$500 per API call

Human Agent Takeover

Enable human agents to take over the bot, or dorp in on the chat if the flow of conversation moves beyond the bot's capabilities

Basic Botpress Interface
Integrate with your popular system, like Zendesk, Salesforce and Live Agent
We can build an integration with your own proprietary system you use for your call center.


Monitor how your bot is being used. We can add custom analytics based on your own metrics and requirements.

Custom Analytics
$500 per chart

Choose the services you want

Installation and Deployment

We can take care of the installation and deployment for you, whether it's hosted on cloud or on your premises.


Ongoing Monthly Support
$250 per month
$500 per month


Work with our experts to build the best bot for your business.

Training and Expert Consultation per hour
Consultation Package (5 X 1hr sessions)
Video Handover (1hr video)

Maintenance & Support

Maintenace, Support and Migration per month. Fix bugs for up to 90 days afterwards.

2% per month

Regional Discount

You can decide where your team should be based. By default the development team in Canada will handle your project.

15% discount
40% discount

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More information

  • To keep costs very low we reuse any generic software, data or features that we create on any engagement. Obviously, anything specific to your business including trademarks and terminology is your IP and won't be reused on other projects.
  • Custom design according to your brand is included in the price. The branding removal fee still applies.
  • When you submit your project we will contact you to discuss your project in the detail. A formal quote will only be sent after evaluation of the project scope.